Podcast for Fabricators and K&B Remodelers

Welcome to our podcast! We’ll be interviewing industry experts on how to grow your K&B or countertop company. We will interview your fellow colleagues and ask them how they are growing their business right now. 

Get ready to learn because we guarantee you will walk away with a few golden nuggets of information that will help your K&B remodeling or countertop company. You can listen to us on all of the popular podcasting platforms below. And if you have any questions or need help with something, reach out to us! We’re always here to help.

I talk to a LOT of countertop and K&B companies each week and most are doing pretty good. When COVID hit, things slowed down a bit but then shortly after people wanted to work on their homes. Especially their kitchens and bathrooms. But at some point, the demand will decrease and you need to start preparing now.

In this eposide we talk to Frank Sciarrino, the COO at Quote Countertops. We dive into his experience in the industry, the reason his software Quote Countertops was created and how it can help fabricators and K&B remodelers. He also discusses where he sees the industry going.