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Our Story

Hey this is Stephen from Hey Remodelers. I’m so happy you stopped by our website. We’ve been doing this for a LONG time so let me start from the beginning. That’s my wife and I in Austin TX (where we lived for 6 years).

I started out working for digital marketing companies about 10 years ago and soon realized they really didn’t care about their clients. All they wanted was money! I was amazed at how little they cared. But I did learn a lot of my technical skills from them so I’m grateful for that.

After a few years I decided to venture out on my own. I always wanted to own a business. My father owned a countertop company back in the 80’s and 90’s. He also did some smaller kitchens and baths. I worked with him when I was younger and have some great memories. Plus I know how to use a hammer! 🙂 Unfortunately he passed away in 1998.

When I started my own company I worked with many different types of local businesses. Plumbers, roofer, doctors… the list goes on! Around 2017 I landed my first K&B remodeler. I loved working with them, had some experience in the field since my dad did it back in the day and really enjoyed the whole experience. Not too long after the K&B company, I started working with a countertop company and Hey Remodelers was born!

We’ve been running strong for the past few years, growing and learning more on how to help our clients. We are EXTREMELY passionate about online marketing and are always bringing new ideas to the table for our clients. We have never failed in getting a client results and are obsessed with succeeding.

I love giving value to any business that reaches out to me. So if you are interested in jumping on a discovery call and digging into your website and marketing, then book a call below. I’ll give you tips on improving your website and we’ll take a look at your competitors. I PROMISE you will get a TON of valuable information from the call.

Why Hey Remodelers?

We ONLY work with kitchen and bathroom remodelers and countertop companies.

– We know how to get the best K&B and countertop leads
– Help you reach homeowners on Facebook and Instagram
– Adjust your website to get more booked consultations
– Only 1 company per territory
– And much more!

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